What to have for makeup beginners

Makeup is a combination of a lot of different things. It can be overwhelming for someone who is just looking forward to starting using and experimenting with it. To deal with that, here are the essentials that you must have for makeup beginners.

Face and base

Face baseThe very first thing that you need to have can be primer, moisturizer, or sunscreen. One of the products or a combination of them will be applied first so your foundation will last longer. If you live in a sunny area, then sunscreen and primer are recommended for the makeup to last. Next is to have makeup foundation and concealer. It is crucial to have the foundation match your skin color, so the edges of your makeup will not look harsh, and you can pass for a more no makeup look. While it’s not easy to find the exact match for your skin, what you can do is to look up a brand with a lot of foundation color options. The concealer is optional, and if you choose to buy it then for this you need to get it in one shade lighter so it will conceal blemishes and dark circles. The last step is to get a translucent powder to set all of your liquid bases together. But your face is not done yet, though contour and highlight are optional, bronzer and blush are a must. Both of the items will make your face look alive.


brushesYou can skip makeup tools if you are a beginner and don’t want to spend too much on makeup since it is possible to apply all the product with your bare hands. But if you are a lazy person who would not want to wash your hand and make sure that it is clean before using it to apply makeup then it’s better to invest in essential makeup tools. To apply foundation and blend concealer you can your blending and foundation brush or beauty blender, both works just fine so it’s up to your preferences. Just don’t forget to damp the beauty blender if you decide to use it. There are a lot of brushes, but you only need angled brush to apply another face makeup products like bronzer, contour, highlight, and blush. And perhaps two brushes for the eyes, one to use the makeup and another to blend the eyeshadow. Aside from brushes, one makeup tool that you need to have is eyelash curler because it is hard and probably not safe to curl your lashes using other ways but the curler.

Eye makeup

Eye makeupFor makeup starters, you don’t have to go overboard on this one. Just buy one eyeshadow palette that you are most drawn to. Try warm, neutral, and natural color first before you move on to anything crazy. Though if you want to jump right into bright colors, then it’s totally fine as well. Eyeliner is optional, and you should try pencil first because it is easier to apply than brushliner. There are so many brow products these days, that you can get confused on which one to get. To solve this, you can watch beauty gurus and read beauty bloggers review on the brow product that you like the most. Try to find a person or influencer with a brow that looks like yours, so you can start there and use their references as guidance. For example, if your eyebrows are straight then you can look up Kendal Jenner, Jenn Im, and many other Korean actresses and singers.

Lip makeup

876tgvbnjThis step is something that perhaps you are most familiar with because people would likely to buy lipstick or many other lip products before using full face makeup. Nowadays, creamy lipstick is not so popular anymore because it does not last and can be really messy throughout the day. It transfers to your meal, spoon, drinks, straw, and sometimes even smudge. Buy a good liquid lipstick that doesn’t make your lips overly dry, this way you can get away with your daily life without having to worry about staining any of your eating appliances.