The Belly-button Piercing Explained

Belly button piercing are popular forms of body art; it can draw attention to an attractive navel and a flat stomach. These piercings are non-invasive and draw themselves a huge range of jewelry option. The belly button piercings have grown in popularity over the past decade.  They are safe if a professional does the piercing with a clean needle and in a clean environment.

Basic facts

Pros of Belly button piercings

It is a form of beauty enhancement temporarily because you only get to show it when you think it will make you Belly button piercingattractive, and it matches your outfit, but if you feel like you are not in the mood for showing it you can easily conceal it wearing regular clothes. Belly button piercings started as a trendy fashion, but it also serves as a great way for a person to express their individuality through the available options it is easy to customize your look.

Cons of Belly button piercings

Belly button piercings have painful and potentially dangerous infections of the abdomen and blood poisoning risks. With an infected belly button piercing it looks red and swollen, can weep and hurts and feel hot when touched. See a medical professional for an infected belly button piercing. Belly button piercing has a long healing time, and this increases the risk of possible infection. Your body may also reject the belly button piercing or the jewelry and the ornaments worn. Belly button piercing require a severe maintenance to facilitate the healing process any physical impact, infection, bruise or failure to care for the pierced area will cause some serious complications.

Why a Belly button piercing

Belly button piercing 2When it is neatly done a belly button piercing can be a fascinating piece of body art and very desirable, it highlights your flat abs and makes you stand out from the crowd with expensive jewelry designed as belly button rings. However belly button piercing is not intended for everyone, people with health ailments and conditions like hemophilia, diabetes and a rare range of skin conditions make belly button piercing impossible and dangerous because of health complications. It is important to understand clearly the pros and cons of belly button piercing before making the decision of getting one.

It is wise to be safe than sorry before indulging in any belly button piercing experimentation unless you are confident of its safety. Do not choose metals and ornaments that could cause an allergic reaction to the skin, if you have such vulnerability. The quality of the jewelry and the ornaments should be out of the question as such weak material can cause harm to your health and an extent cause irreplaceable damage to your skin.