Learn How To Spot A Low Quality Suit

When purchasing a suit, one of easiest options is picking one up from the local supermarket. However, this is the worst option ever. This is because the majority of the ready made clothing at local mall look good only on the appearance. Thus, when you start wearing them, they start losing their fit, color, and shape. You may think it is difficult to spot low-quality suits at the first glance. However, it is not tough if you know some of the important things you should look for.

How to spot a low quality suit

Examine the fabric

As much aman with suits you may not be an expert, it is very easy to examine the fabric used to make the suit. The premium quality is one made of pure wool. Thus, when buying a suit, you need to check whether it is made of pure polyester, wool, or blended materials. It is advisable to look for virgin or raw wool as recycled wool is never strong. Choose a weave that is smooth without loose strands or even knots. This is because such clothing are known to pilling. In fact, pilling is a good indicator of poor quality material.

Thread count

The thread count of the fabric determines its durability and softness. Choose one that has a thread count of over 100 but not more than 150. This is because a suit with a thread count of 200 has a soft material that loses its durability with time. You should do adequate research and read fabric labels. You can also ask questions from knowledgeable.

Check seams

Quality seams imply that the clothing you bought will last longer, and it’s stronger. You can gently pull it apart to check the seam. If you find a lot of spacing between stitches, then the seam is not strong. Some of the warning signs, in this case, are visible threads, loose threads, or overstretched ones.


As mucButtonholesh as this may not be very important, it is a great way of determining the make of your suit. A readymade one will not have undergone standard work as compared to a bespoke suit. You should only buy one whose buttons do not have loose threads, weak seams, or tattered edges.

Check fit

It does not matter whether you are purchasing a tailored or readymade one, you need to check its fit. A quality suit should fit you well. Its coat should not pull, stretch, or even bunch seams. Remember that quality clothing should be of the right size and it needs to fit you. Thus, the coat should not stretch, bunch or pull when it is buttoned. The fabric needs to be comfortable and soft.