FAQS about IPL Hair Removal Systems

Is IPL similar to laser treatment hair removal? Well, IPL treatment is not similar to laser treatment. The main difference between these hair removal options is that laser uses a single, focused, and precise light wavelength, which is optimized for follicle absorption. Whereas, IPL uses a broad light spectrum of high intensity, emitted at multiple wavelengths. Here are more questions about this hair removal option.

Does it get rid of hair permanently?model

IPL treatment removes hair follicles. As such, hairs attached to the follicle during the treatment time in the hair growth cycle will not grow. This means that it will give a lasting hair reduction. Notably, multiple treatments will lead to permanent hair reduction.

Who can use IPL?

Anyone including men, women, and children can all use IPL. The treatment can be customized to adequately cater for any treatment area, hair color and skin type. IPL can be used on any body part, including face, back, legs, bikini area, neck, and the underarms. When working close to the eyes, special protection will be used.

How many treatments are needed?

Normally, treatments can be done for about four to six weeks. The reason for this is that hair grows in three stages, Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. IPL only interacts with the Anagen phase, also known as the active growth stage. After the treatment is complete, the reduction will be permanent.

Which factors might affect treatment?

Anything that may make your body more sensitive to light will have an effect on the treatment. Medications such as antidepressants, anti-cancer drugs, muscle relaxants, tropical creams with Retin-A, and acne medications will affect the treatment parameters. Test patches before the procedure will ensure the effectiveness and safety of the treatment.

Is it okay to remove hair in between treatments?

Yes, you are allowed to shave, but you are not supposed to tweeze or wax. Tweezing and waxing removes the bulb, which is the target, reducing the ability of the IPL to destroy it. Shaving does not interfere with the treatment, and it is recommended.

stretch markCan IPL be used to treat stretch marks?

Intense pulsated light can be used for the treatment of stretch marks. It uses a similar protocol as for the photo-rejuvenation procedure but depends on the skin type of the patient. Spider veins on the limbs can be treated as well.

Why does hair still grow after the treatment?

After the treatment using IPL, the body will need some time to shed the hair that had been destroyed thermally. It usually takes around 8 to 10 days but can go for up to 3 weeks for some people.