At Home Vaginal Bleaching Options

Spas and Salons offer lots of vagina bleaching possibilities that you can use to achieve the perfect look in that special area. Most of these options, however, are very expensive and can only be afforded by someone with deep pockets. Moreover, not everyone can be quite comfortable with vagina bleaching in such places, as it is quite a private topic. It is for these and more reasons that many women will prefer to get the vagina bleaching done by themselves at the comfort of their homes. There are a couple of DIY options for home bleaching. Some of them include:

Popular Bleaching Options

Use of whitening acidwoman in bikini

This is a comfortable and safe treatment, which can be done at home. You start be shaving off all the hair to a smooth finish and then thoroughly cleaning the entire region. Rub the acid on the pigmentation that you wish to lighten, following all the provided instructions. It is nearly the easiest and most effective DIY option.

Use of lemon natural ingredients

This is a suitable option for those who are afraid of using any chemical or cosmetic product on their private parts as well as those on a tight budget. A good example is the use of coconut oil and lemon. Start by cutting the lemon and squeezing its juice on a piece of cloth or cotton swab. Apply the juice on the darker areas that you wish to lighten. If your skin is extra sensitive, you can mix the lemon juice with coconut oil before applying it. Despite the fact that lemon is acidic, it will not cause any skin irritation.

Using vagina bleaching creams – The best option

Using vagina bleaching creamsThis is an easy option, which you can use by yourself at home. The procedure is nearly the same as with that of other bleaching options. You start by shaving and cleaning the area where you wish to lighten. Take the recommended amount of the cream and rub it on that area, following all the provided instructions. You have to do this two times a day for a duration ranging from four to eight weeks to achieve the desired results.

There are many options which you can use for home vagina bleaching, all with different levels of effectiveness. Simply choose one that you are comfortable with, and suits all your needs.Also, ensure that your skin is in the right condition before you start bleaching. The Broken skin might lead to some problems.